Under the theme of 5.5G enabling superior network experience and driving sustainable development, an impressive lineup of speakers shared their expertise and insights during the second day of Huawei’s Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) 2023.

Among the distinguished speakers was Cao Ming, President of Wireless Solution, Huawei. Expounding on the leading vendor’s latest 5.5G innovations, he shed light on 5G’s accelerated industry.

Latest statistics show that globally there are over 260 5G networks, more than 4 million 5G sites and 1.5 billion 5G users. With scaled applications, 5G is powering the digital economy.

Mr. Cao explained that 5G contributed over $400 billion in the economy, a 50% increase when compared to 2022. There are also more than 65,000 industry applications of 5G at present, which is 3 times higher than last year’s record. In a similar growth rate, private networks deployed reached beyond 17,000.

In sample use cases, 5G changes different industries, including healthcare, mining, manufacturing and logistics. In healthcare, telemedicine reaches 90% of Thai villages. In mining, 60% of underground operations are now done remotely aboveground. In factories, quality inspection has become 50% more efficient. In ports, loading and unloading are transformed into 75% efficiency.

Moreover, Mr. Cao mentioned that "5.5G is well timed to support new experiences, connections and services," highlighting that "Huawei's full-series 5.5G solutions will help operators deliver full-scenario tenfold capabilities and enable ultra-high energy efficiency, spectrum utilization and O&M efficiency."

The 5G Revolution: Connecting a World of New Experiences and Services

  • Connecting People: 5G backs fully-interactive, holographic and fully sensed experiences from HD videos, glasses-free 3D and immersive XR.
  • Connecting Homes: From 100 Mbps network requirement for large screen entertainment, there’s a need for 5.5G to bring 1 Gbps at 20 ms and even 5-10 Gbps, for HD livestreaming, cloud gaming, 8K large-screen 3D, work from home and 4K/8K VR fitness.
  • Connecting Things: 5G IoT technology continues innovating to enhance capabilities and reduce costs, paving the way towards fully-connected 100 billion-level
  • Connecting Industries: 5G will expand into core processes for flexible manufacturing. 5G flexible car production results in 80% less downtime and over $100 million worth of extra orders delivery.
  • Connecting Vehicles: Vehicle-road synergy on commercial 5G networks can lead to 60% fewer accidents, 20% less congestion and 20% higher speed.

5.5G is Well-Timed: Huawei Full-Scenario Full-Series 5.5G Solutions

Mr. Cao emphasized that 5.5G network consists the capabilities of 10 Gbps downlink, 1 Gbps uplink, 100 billion connections and native intelligence. With  “applications, networks and industry chains are ready” and Release 18, the first 5.5G standard, will be frozen next year, “the time to act is now.”

Presenting the newest lineup of Huawei full-scenario full-series 5.5G solutions, Mr. Cao showed how these broadband, multi-band, multi-antenna, green and intelligent solutions achieve two main objectives: optimal network efficiency and 10x capabilities improvement.

Deliver Tenfold Capabilities

Ensures Optimal Network Efficiencies

Mr. Cao has pointed out that optimal network efficiency can be managed through spectrum pooling, energy on demand and O&M L4 automation.

  • 0 spectrum pooling maximizes multi-band usage. The Multi-band serving cell (MB-SC) allows the flexible combination of discontinuous spectrum for virtual large bandwidth, enabling speeds of 10 Gbps with a 40% boost in spectral efficiency. Moreover, flexible spectrum access (FSA) also offers full uplink band access, achieving Gbps uplink speeds.
  • Full-scenario "0 Bit 0 Watt" for green and efficient 5.5G. The full-series equipment supports "0 Bit 0 Watt", pioneering super deep dormancy with a 99% shutdown depth, quick on-demand wakeup and millisecond-level shutdown at both carrier and channel levels. With an intelligent site coordination, energy efficiency at the site level increases by 5-10%. Additionally, iPowerStar enables the implementation of site-specific energy-saving policies, tailored to varying traffic patterns throughout the day.
  • IntelligentRAN evolving to L4 automation. 5.5G will advance high-level autonomy, as IntelligentRAN supports L4 intent-based intelligence. This means shifting networks from being reactive O&M to proactive prediction and prevention; from being KPI-policies driven to SLA-intent driven; and from single-objective to multi-objective optimization.

"The future has come. Huawei will continue to develop innovative products and solutions in collaboration with all industry partners to bring 5.5G into reality," ended Mr. Cao.

Global Launch of 5.5G Network Pioneers

Bringing 5.5G to reality, GSA President Joe Barrett called on stage 13 different network operators who have been working tirelessly in bringing the 5G-Advanced network capabilities into the society. These include stc group, du UAE, Omantel, Zain KSA, Zain Kuwait, Ooredoo Kuwait from Middle East, and China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, CMHK, CTM,  HKT, Hutchison Telecom from Asia Pacific.

Notable speakers have also discussed indoor digitalization; 5G industry’s new business potential and industry connection opportunities; creating a digitally sustainable Middle East through cross-industry 5G integration; 5G-Advanced development for business success; 5G+ glasses-free 3D enable ubiquitous immersive display experience; and RedCap ushering in a new era of cellular IoT and unleashing 5.5G’s network potential, among other interesting topics.

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