In an era where digital connectivity is reshaping global landscapes, Africa finds itself on the brink of profound transformation. To navigate this dynamic terrain, Telecom Review conducted an exclusive interview with Yoftahe Yohannes, a seasoned Digital Strategy consultant. With his expertise, Yohannes delves into the intricate interplay between digital connectivity and Africa's future, uncovering the myriad ways it unlocks economic potential and addresses socio-cultural dynamics.

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In an exclusive interview, Mustapha Salah, the Head of Mobile Networks for Central, West, and East Africa at Nokia, discusses the evolving mobile landscape in the region. With mobile technology driving economic and social development, Mr. Salah explores key trends, Nokia's innovative solutions for regional challenges, and strategies to boost connectivity and narrow the digital divide. He also emphasizes Nokia's commitment to integrating ESG initiatives for sustainability across Central, West, and East Africa.

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Amid Africa's digital evolution, Beyond ONE emerges as a pioneer, driving transformative technologies. In an exclusive interview, Hani El Kukhun, CEO for the Middle East and Africa at Beyond ONE, discusses Beyond ONE's pioneering initiatives, its steadfast commitment to financial inclusion, and its strategic blueprint for maintaining market leadership in Africa.

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