In a groundbreaking collaboration, Huawei has joined forces with CipherWave Business Solutions to revolutionize cloud services, setting a new standard for scalability and security. Casper van der Walt, CTO of CipherWave, praised Huawei's consistent service, scalability, and high-quality products, highlighting their competitive pricing as a key factor in the partnership's success.

CipherWave's emphasis on compliance and data protection underlines their commitment to top-notch security in cloud operations. Partnering with Huawei Cloud, a prominent hyperscaler, was a game-changer. This collaboration not only ensured robust security but also eliminated the need for substantial capital investments, enabling CipherWave to cater to their customers' needs without financial constraints. This strategic alliance empowered CipherWave to rapidly and seamlessly scale in sync with the dynamic shifts in the cloud landscape, thanks to Huawei's cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise.

The partnership also provided CipherWave with access to Huawei Cloud's expertise, alleviating the pressure on their engineers. Justin Harris, senior manager for partner development at Huawei Cloud SA, highlighted their commitment to offering partners like CipherWave a risk-free partnership, supporting them with proofs of concept, training, certification, and a range of comprehensive support services.

The partnership is poised for further growth, aligning their cloud footprints and expanding organically as new customers come on board. Huawei's extensive capabilities enhance CipherWave's offering, solidifying the foundation for future success in the rapidly evolving cloud market.

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