The Egyptian telecommunications company "WE," Egypt's first integrated operator of communication and information technology services, has signed a cooperation protocol with Prime Real Estate Development Company. This partnership aims to provide integrated communication services and smart systems for their diverse real estate projects in the market.

Under this agreement, WE will implement the technological infrastructure for Prime Real Estate Development projects and supply them with the necessary fiber-optic network. WE will thereby contribute to providing high-speed internet access to all residential, administrative and commercial units within these projects.

WE is committed to delivering comprehensive communication services to these projects, including landline telephone services, high-speed internet, internet-based television (IPTV) and other smart communication services such as camera integration, electricity, water, irrigation and more. Additionally, WE will offer Wi-Fi services in public and service areas, relying on it for the control, management and maintenance of advanced infrastructure.

In this context, Mohamed Abu Taleb, WE's executive vice president for business affairs, stated: "We are delighted to sign this protocol with Prime Real Estate Development to provide integrated communication services and advanced smart solutions for their projects. Egypt's ‘WE’ Telecommunications has become the preferred partner for major real estate development companies in Egypt due to its exceptional infrastructure and extensive expertise, capable of providing the highest level of communication services that meet the evolving needs of customers and achieve an exceptional standard of living in the midst of the massive technological revolution we are experiencing."

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