The potential disconnection of unregistered SIM cards post-December 31 is anticipated to adversely affect telecom companies' earnings, according to Telecom Namibia and MTC.

The Namibian telecom subscriber identification initiative has witnessed efforts to register subscribers intensify as the deadline approaches. Telecom Namibia reports having registered 201,126 out of 417,646 subscribers, while MTC indicates 925,284 registered SIM cards out of approximately 2.5 million.

Expressing concern, Patience Kangueehi-Kanalelo, MTC's head of legal and corporate affairs, emphasized the urgency of maximizing registrations before the impending deadline and hinted at the possibility of seeking an extension past December 31.

Beyond telecom operators, financial institutions are also apprehensive about the repercussions of the subscriber identification campaign on their revenue streams. Banks foresee losses when SIM cards are deactivated, as many individuals employ mobile phones for various transactions. They argue that disconnecting SIM cards may heighten the risk of fraudulent activities.

Despite industry concerns, the government remains firm on not contemplating an extension for the subscriber identification campaign, asserting that citizens of Namibia have had sufficient time to register their SIM cards.

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