The Moroccan automotive market has showcased significant potential, propelled by factors such as long-term industry growth projections, substantial foreign investment, government incentives, and advantageous trade agreements that position Morocco as a burgeoning hub for automotive production and export.

TecAlliance is supporting the digitalization of the growing automotive aftermarket in Africa though its expansion to the Maghreb region. Leading local parts manufacturers and distributors are already supplying and using data from the TecDoc Catalogue, the world's leading spare parts catalogue. TecDoc helps workshops and distributors to precisely identify vehicles and easily find the right replacement parts and allows parts manufacturers to boost sales. 

The TecDoc Catalogue is available in 41 languages, including Arabic and French. The database also covers the vehicles sold in North Africa. Users get product data and article information of the highest quality, provided and updated directly by international and local parts manufacturers. 

Robert Szwed, vice president Africa at TecAlliance, has already started recruiting,“We are happy to go the next step in Africa and set up our branch in Casablanca. We continue expanding our business to optimally support all market players in the global automotive aftermarket. Therefore, we are excited to find new team members in Morocco that will build business and relationships in North Africa.”

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