The Gambia is working on its second international fiber optic cable, expected to be operational by 2025. Minister Ousman A. Bah, responsible for communication and digital economy, announced that the World Bank is funding the project with an estimated cost of between $30 and $35 million. While exact technical specifications were not given, Bah mentioned The Gambia's participation in the Cabral submarine cable project under ECOWAS. By teaming up with Guinea Conakry, they've managed to lower expenses, and the cable will run directly from Cape Verde to The Gambia.

The government initially announced its intention to fortify the national broadband telecom infrastructure in January 2022 by linking The Gambia to a second submarine cable. Since 2012, the country has relied heavily on the ACE (Africa Coast to Europe) cable for high-speed Internet services, but frequent disruptions have posed challenges.

In addition to the submarine cable endeavor, the Gambian government is exploring enhanced national connectivity through satellite technology. Banjul intends to grant all necessary licenses to the American company Starlink by the end of September, diversifying Internet access options beyond ACE. This strategic approach aims to make satellite services accessible without the need for physical cable installations, benefiting both Gambian and non-Gambian users.

These multifaceted initiatives are poised to elevate the quality and affordability of broadband telecom services in The Gambia while extending their availability to a broader population.

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