Papua New Guinea's telecommunications regulatory authority has granted Starlink a five-year license to operate in the country. Simultaneously, the authority, known as NICTA (National Information and Communications Technology Authority), has committed to cracking down on unauthorized operation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite terminals.

The PNG Department of Information and Communications Technology issued a strong warning to individuals using satellite services without proper authorization. The department highlighted the prevalent issue of unlicensed Starlink terminals in use. NICTA Chairman Noel Mobia emphasized that Starlink would bring all terminals under their operator license, with each purchased terminal having its own license. NICTA will oversee and monitor this process to ensure transparency and accountability.

Chairman Mobia cautioned individuals currently accessing connectivity services through unlicensed terminals, emphasizing that those caught would face significant consequences, although specific punishments were not detailed. The regulation aims to manage the deployment of satellite terminals and uphold national security.

Highlighting the mobility of these devices, Mobia explained the need to track their location and movement to ensure responsible internet usage. ICT Minister Timothy Masiu underscored the responsibility of the ministry to scrutinize all incoming services, prioritizing the protection of the nation's interests.

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