Zambia has taken a major step forward in technological advancement with the official launch of Starlink's business services in the country. Starlink, a leading global provider of satellite internet services, has joined forces with Paratus Group, a prominent pan-African telecommunications and network services provider, through a reseller agreement.

Through its subsidiary, Paratus Zambia, the Paratus Group is instrumental in delivering Starlink's high-speed broadband internet services to businesses across Zambia. Marius van Vuuren, country manager of Paratus Zambia, has expressed enthusiasm for this endeavor, recognizing the collaborative efforts of the Zambian government, regulatory authorities, and Starlink in making this cutting-edge technology accessible to the Zambian market.

Starlink is well-known for its high-speed, scalable satellite internet services designed to offer reliable connectivity to businesses regardless of their location. It provides primary business connectivity, backup solutions, interim setups, and emergency services. With an impressive network uptime exceeding 99%, Starlink ensures uninterrupted customer operations.

The partnership between Paratus Zambia and Starlink not only delivers fixed and mobile services to business customers but also ensures round-the-clock technical support. This collaboration is anticipated to positively impact various industries, including energy, mining, hospitality, education, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and more, by providing them with dependable connectivity, even in remote areas.

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