In a significant milestone for Ethiopia's tech and communications sector, Eng. Balcha Reba, director general of the Ethiopian Communications Authority, has been chosen to lead the International Telecommunication Union Regional Development Forum for Africa (RDF-AFR) in 2023.

Hosted by the Ethiopian government, this year's RDF-AFR centers on the pivotal theme of 'Digital Transformation for a Sustainable and Equitable Digital Future.' The event serves as a platform for constructive dialogue and collaboration between ITU Member States, Sector Members, partners, and various stakeholders.

Eng. Balcha Reba's appointment attests to his remarkable contributions to the field, highlighting his dedication to advancing the digital landscape in Ethiopia. As a Techco operator firmly grounded in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the company is instrumental in driving Ethiopia's ambitious #DigitalStrategy2025.

This strategic focus reflects a commitment to providing high-quality services accessible to all Ethiopians, with the ultimate goal of catalyzing transformative change towards a digitally empowered future.

Eng. Balcha Reba's leadership in this critical forum promises to further accelerate progress in Ethiopia's digital ecosystem and fortify the nation's position on the global tech stage.

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