Telecom Review had the privilege of conducting an insightful interview with Sameh Sobhy, the Managing Director Middle East, Turkey & Africa at PCCW Global. Sobhy shed light on the immense impact of the Console Connect platform in facilitating seamless connectivity between regional and global customers, while highlighting the challenges and opportunities that arise. Additionally, Sobhy shared valuable insights on PCCW Global's role in supporting the digital transformation of the region's wholesale telecoms industry. Lastly, he discussed the company's targeted markets for expansion and the rationale behind their strategic choices.

How is the Console Connect platform facilitating connectivity between regional and global customers? What are the challenges and opportunities?

As a global carrier, in leveraging the network automation and connectivity capabilities of Console Connect Network-as-a-Service platform to establish connections in the Middle East region, this platform offers carriers a simpler and smarter way to provision, manage, and control their global network. This provides the flexibility to dynamically adjust bandwidth according to the needs of their customers and end users.

What sets Console Connect apart is its utilization of private layer one and layer two connections, ensuring a fully redundant and resilient network infrastructure for connecting customers, including access to tier one IP network providers globally. With our ownership of the underlying network, we guarantee an assured quality of service for our telecom customers, carriers, and enterprise end users.

Moreover, we offer highly competitive prices for bandwidth into the Middle East, which are fully automated and accessible. Through the Console portal, carrier customers in the region can also benefit from reselling Console Connect and bundling it into their product portfolio, expanding their service offerings.

How is PCCW Global helping the region's wholesale telecoms industry in the digital era?

PCCW Global is leading the transformation of the wholesale telecom industry in the digital era through its innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. In the midst of a rapidly evolving landscape, our commitment to delivering cutting-edge connectivity solutions positions us as a key enabler of digital transformation from an operator's perspective.

Firstly, our robust global network infrastructure ensures seamless connectivity for businesses across the META region, which encompasses the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa.

With a comprehensive suite of services, including high-performance data, transport, Cloud connections, and software-defined interconnection through the Console Connect platform, we empower enterprises to navigate the complexities of the digital age efficiently.

By providing reliable and scalable solutions, we enable businesses to embrace digital transformation and unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the digital era.

Please tell us about PCCW Global’s target markets for expansion. Why were they chosen?

In the Middle East and Africa, my region of coverage, we are highly active and constantly setting new targets for expansion into new markets. Even within the same country, we have established multiple partnerships to maximize our reach and impact.

For instance, in the UAE, we have formed partnerships with both existing operators, e& and du. Similarly, in Saudi Arabia, we have established connections with nearly all the operators operating there. This trend is also evident in Egypt, Kuwait, and Oman, where we continue to add more points of presence to enhance our network coverage.

Previously, our focus was primarily on providing layer two and layer three connectivity solutions. However, we have now expanded our offerings to include the deployment of Console Connect, our SDN network capabilities, across key hubs in the region. Notably, we have recently deployed Console Connect in Djibouti, Aqaba (a unique area in Jordan), Egypt, and Qatar, in addition to the existing major markets like the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This strategic expansion allows us to provide comprehensive and reliable connectivity solutions throughout the region, enabling businesses to thrive in the digital age.

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