Over the years digital transformation and especially the digitalization of its services, became the center of inwi’s development strategy. It has initiated real breakthroughs on the Moroccan telecom market by offering enterprises tailored, generous and secured solutions which enable any company, of any size and any business sector, to unlock its full potential to succeed in its digital transformation.

inwi is continuously investing in upgrading its network infrastructures to offer a solid and efficient network coverage. This includes the delivery of all available connection solutions: OF, ADSL, VSAT and of course the mobile broadband with the 4G/5G ready technology.

Senior Manager with 15 years of experience in marketingand business development Sophia Khaldane, ICT Business Solutions Manager at inwi Morocco, talks furthermore to Telecom Review Africa about the operator’s journey to success and the role women play in today's fast-paced digital environment.

After more than 15 years of experience in the technology field, how have telecom operators evolved?

In order to meet the growing demands of users, operators have strengthened their networks and expanded their service offerings. So did inwi, the robust, innovative and committed operator assisting Moroccans on a daily basis to achieve greater digital inclusion in the country.

inwi’s vision is built on the resilience of its telecom networks – which was crucial, especially in times of the pandemic – and on digital innovation, which enabled millions of Moroccans to access the best of technology and allowed Moroccan companies to ensure the continuity of their activities even in times of crisis. The agility of our systems has also enabled us to adapt our offers and services to the needs of Moroccans in this particular context.

Since 2007, inwi continues to revolutionize the relationship between Moroccans and telecoms: billing by the second, launching 4G, launching free Wi-Fi in tramways, launching the first tier3 data center in Morocco, first successful 5G test in Morocco, launching the first 100% digital telecom operator (Win by inwi), launching the first mobile money operator (inwi money), etc.

Thus, to cope with the increasing use of internet, we have reinforced, over the years, our network in a reliable, secure and timely manner. This has enabled us to offer all Moroccans a technological mix of 4G, ADSL, vSat and optical fiber.

In addition, inwi is a very committed operator to the national effort of deploying the  National Plan for High Speed aimed at providing access to broadband internet in the “white or gray areas” in the kingdom. Thanks to the performance of its network, inwi has covered nearly 10 700 localities, particularly in rural areas.

inwi has been voted “best mobile internet network” for the 5th consecutive year. In your opinion, what are the main elements that allowed it to keep this title?

inwi holds, for the 5th consecutive year, the title of “best performing mobile internet network for the general public in Morocco”, as per the annual survey results of nPerf, an independent platform of reference in terms of measuring the quality of internet connections worldwide.

This recognition crystallizes the efforts of innovation and investment made by inwi to modernize its network infrastructure and to offer a solid and efficient network coverage to all Moroccans.

Thanks to its efficient network, inwi provides precise and effective solutions to meet the needs of Moroccans who wish to take full advantage of mobile internet, thus further strengthening its position as an innovative and forward-looking operator.

A major player in digital transformation, inwi has equipped itself with scalable network infrastructures and innovative solutions. Indeed, inwi has conducted, for several years, a broad modernization of its infrastructure and its network architecture. We now have an infrastructure that is both modern and agile, which is capable of adapting to all technological developments, whether current or future.

In this respect, the ability to innovate is essential to succeed in constantly anticipating our customers' expectations. Our success is therefore based on our ongoing desire to innovate in order to constantly deliver more value to consumers.

These sustained efforts place inwi at the center of the national ecosystem for digital inclusion, notably by working on  the reduction of the digital inequity at a national level, through its involvement in the National Broadband Plan.

How do you think women can be better integrated into the ICT sector and encouraged to take on leadership roles?

Although the ICT sector employs a majority of men, women have a positive impact on the organizations they work with and the sector at large. I encourage young women to go into the new technology sector, as it is a constantly evolving and learning industry. It offers an exciting career.

To stand out from the crowd, you have to reinvent yourself and go beyond market standards; be creative and encourage new ways of acting while remaining simple and close to your environment and ecosystem.

It is also crucial to show commitment which is key to sustain performance and success over the long term. These are some of the major assets that are important to consider in order to succeed, especially in today's fast-paced digital environment.

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