Swedish telecom vendor Ericsson has surprised analysts with reduced losses in Q4 driven by the increase of sales revenues and costs reduction. Sales as reported increased by 10% Year-on-Year and sales adjusted for comparable units and currency increased by 4%. Costs related to revised Business Support Systems (BSS) strategy impacted Digital Services operating income in Q4.

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It is of a huge interest for the multinational ICT firm Huawei to be present at AfricaCom 2018 taking place in Cape Town, South Africa as it is proving that, in addition to its expertise in the smartphones’ market, it is also focusing on Cloud. Huawei is officially launching at the event its public cloud data center in Africa located in Johannesburg - with no further information about the exact site location and operation date. It is also giving many presentations regarding digital technology such as IoT, mobile video innovation, and the development of smart cities

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AfricaCom 2018 is considered as a milestone event for Nokia. In this year’s edition, the company is displaying its effortless, simple, and dependable technologies that are going to shape the future of technology through transforming human experiences. Nokia is present at AfricaCom 2018 in Cape Town from 13 – 15 November 2018 and ready to discuss any topic visitors are interested in as well as to demonstrate their latest innovative products, solutions, and services.

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