Nokia announced a new collaboration with UNICEF to bridge the digital divide by helping to improve digital education and training in schools in select parts of Senegal, West Africa. This activity is in line with Nokia’s enhanced Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy as well as Nokia’s commitment to advancing digital skills.

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Nokia has announced the world’s first Generation 6 broadband platform, designed for a ‘fiber-for-everything’ world where fiber broadband networks evolve to become a single infrastructure for all services. The new Lightspan MF-14 platform extends the upper end of Nokia’s fiber broadband portfolio, bringing unmatched capacity, low latency, intelligence, six nines reliability and the highest power efficiency, enabling operators to address broadband needs for the next decades.

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Nokia has announced it is providing its 7250 IXR (interconnect router) platforms with 400G-enabled interfaces to Africa Data Centres, the continent’s largest provider of interconnected, carrier- and cloud-neutral data center facilities. The solution will enable Africa Data Centres, a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, to offer cost-effective, high-capacity interconnection services to its customers in multiple African countries.

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Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and ZTE announced the world’s fastest 5G mmWave standalone data connection, achieving impressive results in two scenarios: nearly 7Gbps peak rate for downlink and 2.1 Gbps for uplink. 5G standalone mmWave allows for the deployment of 5G mmWave networks and devices without using an anchor on LTE or sub-6 GHz spectrum. This gives operators more flexibility to deliver wireless fiber broadband access with multi-Gigabit speeds and ultra-low latency to residential and commercial customers. The use of mmWave standalone without an anchor also enables green field fixed wireless access deployments for all use cases.

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Nokia has announced one of their partners will provide innovative Nokia fiber technologies for offering economical, uncapped and ultra-fast internet. Nokia is providing both fiber access nodes for the fiber exchange and fiber modems to connect a WiFi network across the entire township.

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Three Shenzhou-14 Chinese astronauts (taikonauts), who are currently in space, took part in a dialogue with students from several African countries via video link. The success of this globally livestreamed event was due to the unwavering support provided by Huawei Cloud Meeting, which ensured a smooth video connection between all participants.

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Ericsson announced a strong mobile subscription result in Q2 2022. About 70 million new 5G subscriptions were added globally during the second financial quarter of 2022, the latest update to the Ericsson Mobility Report reveals. The additions brought the total number of 5G subscriptions globally to 690 million as of the end of the second quarter, 2022.

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